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Teachings Of Faith In Today's World

Our purpose at Power In Faith is to create original programming that applies principles of faith and belief to everyday situations. Programs the entire family can relate to and enjoy together. Our first series is called Believers Among Us.

In this original series each episode reveals how everyday people reach out to let our faith guide us through troubled times. Your entire family will receive great enjoyment from watching these episodes. We have also compiled these touching stories and made them available in the form of a novel to provide a rewarding reading experience.

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See What People Are Saying About Believers Among Us:

Christian Spotlight On Entertainment"I know that this parent has found commercial television more offensive each year. Hollywood also continues to push the envelope with an alarming increase of offensive content in PG and PG-13 films. Is there any safe refuge left for our families? The answer to that question is honestly.not many. I do want to encourage you to discover a Christian TV series called “Believers Among Us”.

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I am a born again Christian, from Cairo, Egypt. I just want you to know, how blessed my family and I were to watch " The Awakening" Episode last week on the TCT Network...It left a very encouraging impact on all of us...God bless you and continue to use you for the glory of His marvelous name...Amen…

Mona Wissa

We loved the drama series and found episode one to be very professionally produced. The film's message is also very powerful. We certainly need more Entertainment of this caliber on today's primetime TV. It will be an honor to promote the "Believers Among Us" drama series at

Norton Rodriguez

My daughter and I just finished watching The Awakening on Mid-Michigan's TCT channel 49. Thank you!! I have thought in the past how very cool it would be to have a Christ-centered TV drama, and here you go! How refreshing, encouraging, challenging... what a blessing. Praise Him!

Rose Graves

Produced with excellent production values and incorporating believable characters and story lines, these dramatic presentations have the ring of something real, important and true.”

Frank Wright, PH.D. – President, National Religious Broadcasters.

The filming and editing are way above average for most films of this genre. I highly recommend this film and encourage your support of this wonderful series.

Douglas Downs – Christian Film News

As I watched the new "BELIEVERS AMONG US" series I was deeply move within my soul. The impact of the message, acting and the quality of the episodes simply overwhelmed me. Most of all the series portrayed hope and faith and gave the assurance that God will never leave nor forsake us. Even in the darkest of the midnight hour His love will still come shining through. These episodes have made me feel very proud to be a believer among us!

Danny Jones - Contemporary Gospel Artist GCN Records


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